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The Beach People Jute Bag, Mon Soleil
The Beach People Jute Bag, Mon Soleil

The Beach People

The Beach People Jute Bag, Mon Soleil


by The Beach People

Inspired by where the sun hits the Mediterranean sea, the Mon Soleil Jute Bag (French for My Sun) is your ultimate travel companion, from your local beach to journeys afar.

What Makes this Bag Special:
The woven jute fabric allows sand and crumbs to easily pass through, keeping your bag impeccably clean no matter what you do to it.

The stitching that holds the handles in place is incredibly strong! We've put it to the test, and have been thoroughly impressed.

The size of this jute bag is perfect! It's slightly oversized to hold all your essentials (and then some), but it's not huge or bulky.


  • 100% jute material with leather handles
  • Sand-free design that hides stains like spilt sunscreen
  • Printed design on the front of the bag
  • Leather stamp with pressed logo on reverse
  • 57cm wide x 40cm in length
  • Designed in Australia

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